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Commonsense majority

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NoLabels.com ignites a movement against political decay, championing dialogue and sense. We embody our Founders' dreams.

We salute the bold candidates running under the No Labels Party banner.

We're the dynamic force disrupting political gridlock, united for America's future. We're the industrious voice, ready to roar.

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NoLabels.com Initiatives

NoLabels.com is a hub for No Labels Party supporters to foster discussions and solutions. We're dedicated to a united future, offering voters options that resonate with core American values.

NoLabels.com Leaders

Discover the fighters challenging the entrenched DC elite and how they're redefining politics from the White House to local government.

Former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii, who ran for President in 2020
No Labels U.S. Senate Candidate, Tyson Draper, Arizona

We are Problem Solvers, embodying resilience and courage, advocating for the right causes.

From Tulsi Gabbard in Hawaii to Tyson Draper in Arizona, we spotlight our nation's leaders and their advocates.

We aim to expand our NoLabels.com community, supporting our candidates and Americans disillusioned with current politics.

U.S Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson, Louisiana, and Third in Line to the Presidency

What We
Stand For

We stand for the American Way of Life.
The American Dream isn’t something handed down to us on a silver platter. It’s a commitment, a responsibility, to safeguard our rights and freedoms from the tyranny of the corrupt, powerful elite.
We stand against censorship.
We believe that the globalist media now exists to promote the interests of a powerful elite, rather than real Americans. Our values are being intentionally drowned out in a tidal wave of corrupt elitism.
We stand for family values.
The family is the foundational element in America’s success as a global power, and the diminishment of the American family has heralded the decline of American culture. We must prioritize real family values to restore American exceptionalism.
We stand for you.
You can’t be defined. Americans are powerful because of their individual uniqueness. We are divided once we begin to label ourselves. When we see each other through the perspective of race, gender, wealth, or other divisive categories, we lose our strength. We are strong because we have NoLabels.com.
We are strong because of YOU!
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Thousands of patriotic citizens who want to reclaim our American way of life just like you do have already joined our movement. Join us and find out what you can do to make the success of this movement a reality in your own backyard.

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The NoLabels.com community stands ready to support you with information and a growing network of Americans looking for a return to American supremacy, working-class excellence, honorable values founded on the building blocks of Western Civilization, and a functioning Democracy like the one once enjoyed by our parents and grandparents.

NoLabels.com supporters are growing in numbers everyday!

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